Joelene Pitt Equine Remedial Therapist

Helping Our Equine Friends Remain Happy!!!

Helping Our Equine Friends Remain Happy!!



A Little About Me


Is your horse irritated?

Acting out of character?

Playing up under saddle?

Off gait even?


Then he/she maybe sore without you even knowing it!

If this is the case, you need an Equine Remedial Therapist…….


My name is Joelene Pitt and I am a qualified Equine Remedial Therapist located near Innisfail Queensland. I can help with anything from horses with muscle soreness, to horses with allergies or hormonal problems. I work along the meridians on the acupressure points stimulating the muscles with each move. This incorporated with gentle mobilizing stretches, helps the horse use its natural healing ability to improve and restore body alignment and muscular-skeletal function. I work the deep and superficial muscles, improve internal organ function by working along the meridians of the horse, and I work on the nervous system as well. I‘ve had great results with horses that are stiff, muscle sore, have injuries, horses with excessive swelling, nervous horses, horses that are head shy or touchy around their ears or poll, horses that are just not performing to their greatest ability, horses with hormonal problems, horses that are acting out of character, it has even picked up some horse’s spirits that seem off or really glum. My treatments also help in injury prevention as well!

Currently holding a Diploma in Equine Remedial Therapy through H.E.C. (Holistic Equine and Canine Remedial Therapy created by Helen Andrews-Smith)

Active member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Over 20 years of experience handling competition and pleasure horses.

Please call me on 0448 573 934 any time, message me on here or email me on to book your horse/horses in for one of these fantastic treatments. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!